If They Truly Cared

They'd be administering hyrdroxychloriquine and Ivermectin to every single person who need it.

Instead, we get the usual obfuscation regarding these successful treatments while politicians are making sure they milk this for all it's worth including one of the great tap-dancing, flip-flopping, unethical cynics of our times in Dr. Anthony Fauci.  

It's all political.

Let's recap.

Officials failed to secure nursing homes leading to thousands and thousands of deaths despite having advanced warning from Europe.

Then, Health Canada and the CDC prevented safe and effective treatment options thus likely leading to still more deaths that could have been saved.

Now we're vaccinating the elderly despite pharmaceuticals advising not to administer it to the elderly, pregnant women and children 16 and under. Yet the fog of fear has gone ahead and vaccinated the elderly and plans to vaccinate kids. Despite several unknowns including long-term impacts. 

But don't you dare ask questions and deviate from the narrative. You must obey the 'experts'.

Because government officials never make/made mistakes.

This whole scene, scenario and ordeals s obscene and appalling.

Not only was our reaction testament to the greatest medical panic in history, we're doubling down.

They don't care.

They're panicked. 


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