Quebec Should Be Placed In Trusteeship

I think at this point the incompetence here has reached a point now where Quebec may have to be placed in trusteeship including Montreal.

No region on the continent is behaving this way. Excessive fines enforced by cops acting as tools of oppression, continued talk of lockdowns (completely absent from the vast majority of places in North America one year later) despite evidence showing they don't work, rhetoric designed to keep people in fear and accept loss of civil liberties, recalls of cancerous 'grey' and N-95 masks, the fact the government still hasn't bothered to prepare surge capacity despite constant fears of third waves and variants (it's almost as if they want us to fail) that could and should normalize life since the hysterics centres around not overwhelming the system, continued issues in nursing homes and now the decision to not administer Astra-Zeneca to people under 55 (which they were warned about) makes me wonder, think and believe the entire Quebec political and health apparatus is acting in dereliction of duty.

Quebec always seems to think itself as more clever than everyone else. 

The erosion of trust for me has been reached.

Quebec should be placed in the hands of trustees. 


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