Independent Public Inquiry Must Be Created To Investigate Legault's Abuse Of Power; Cuomo's Immorality

As an ostensibly free and open democracy, Quebec must revisit the concept of emergency powers as should all of Canada.

Clearly there's a loophole in the Emergency Act that allows for public officials to exploit. 

It's 'For you own safety' has been turned into a means to end to simply remove our rights blocking us from living our lives.

Quebec has taken this power - that should used much more carefully - farther than any state or province on the continent. And without much scientific justification. The Legault government is just doing it because they can for political purposes. 

Clearly, Quebec officials have little regard for overall public health. If they think this is not stating to have severe psychological problems on people, that makes them complicit in the fraying of the social order.

Quebec is currently in a low prevalence environment. Even with the likely over blown fears of variants, hospitalizations are very low as are cases per capita show. Deaths are consistently in low double and single digits. If one death is too many for Covid, then the same must be said for deaths connected to vaccines, no?

The point is, this is potentially as good it will get as it stands. Society has to decide moving forward if it's willing to move forward open and free learning to cope and live with the virus, or it submits to fear living in a world of re-occurring lockdowns and masks. Obviously, this all depends how one perceives the danger of the virus. Clearly, there's a portion of the population that somehow thinks this virus is as depicted in March of 2020 defying all facts to the contrary. This group is all too accepting of measures. In fact, no measure is too many.

I have no idea if we're a population of sheep but we're acting like it.

Politicians were all too happy to exploit this and Legault has shown himself to be as cynical and cowardly as any politician on this front. The interesting part is Quebec saw the worst in 2020 and imposed less restrictions. The virus is clearly not behaving in the same manner yet the the government has added redundant measures. One can assert the numbers are low because of the measures, and to some degree it is correct but as studies have shown, the impact doesn't last long so at some point we're just left with the measures. And that's when it starts to reverse and impact negatively public health as a whole.

This is not rocket science people. This is supported by endless literature not only examining the current situation but going back decades.

Officials not only ignored established science and protocols but consolidated more power into their hands.

This is why, moving forward, we must hold inquiries. Legault must account for his decisions. The concept of emergency powers has to be reigned in, revisited and reconcpetualized because the precedence that has been set here is not a good one and condemns us to a repeat of this catastrophe. 


Cuomo. Wow. Here to the narcissist class. 

Let's see. Contributed to the deaths of the elderly in nursing homes, legalized infanticide and was a bully and has been accused of sexual harassment.

He's one walking example of what the left is supposed to hate, no?

Cuomo is a man that lacks a moral compass and should resign. 

As should Francois Legault. 


Lt. Col. David Redman explains.


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