The Immorality And Stupidity Of Concentrating Power In One Person

Among the many disconcerting and troubling impacts on liberty likely to last a very long time - well past this virus -  the idea of populations permitting and accepting leaders t flout and abuse the law under the guise of public safety has to rank among them.

How is it we've come to apathetically concede power into one person? The age old, time tested axiom that power corrupts was suddenly forgotten as people insidiously looked to mediocre politicians to 'protect' their health.

It's all so very galling.

People who, in normal times, railed against political corruption suddenly embraced those very corrupted people to take charge of their health.

It's all so very absurd.

Several governors and premiers failed on this count and are still operating in direct hostile opposition to their LEGISLATIVE LAWS.

No person should be given such extraordinary powers.

It's all so very naive.

Politicians who enact laws 'because they can' aren't just acting illegally but immorally. 

None of the measures are rooted in science or have shown to work but commit this madness and obvious pseudoscience we must! 

People who blindly and thoughtlessly accept this have abandoned their duty to protect and defend their God given rights having been manipulated into thinking their liberty is 'selfish'.


The only selfish people are the ones clamouring for more ineffective draconian measures and projecting their cowardly fears onto kids. And weak individuals who are leaders in name only because people put an 'X' next to their names are acting as all cowards have in history.

It's all so very shameful....and immoral. 


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