Masks Of Narcissism

Are 'wokism' and 'maskism' the natural end point of the 'unconstrained vision' of philosophy?

Rousseau, Owen, St-Simon, George Bernard Shaw, Godwin, Condorcet, the Fabian society, early 20th century progressives right up to critical theory are examples of such a vision.

A vision that seems restless and always at war with itself and outside itself. Constantly seeking 'what ought to be' without ever know what that ought to be. 

There are no end points. Just a vision without much of a theory.

If this is accepted, then it's no surprise what we're seeing these days. It's the unconstrained vision gone awry. A fundamental premise of this vision was reason. After all, it finds its origins in the 'Age of Reason' during the Enlightenment and the philosophes.

But really all we did was switch now dogmatic power for another; that is Church power for state power. 


A contraient view is far more restrained and prudent. It is less dramatic preferring to let life unfold naturally to arrive at a 'just society. It possesses a less cynical long term view of man. The unconstrained vision is less patient and trusting of man. It can't wait for wisdom to unfold.

The unconstrained vision has given us the war on the Muppets and the cult of the narcissist and rampant virtue-signalling and a revival of sophistry.

It abandoned the reason part (though still claiming to be 'following science') and has let emotion take control.

It has become a series of endless philosophical contradictions that can't possibly sustain itself but can be incredibly dangerous to society. 

A framework that envisions a world where only 'experts' are capable at reason leaving a society vulnerable to social policy in the hands of intellectual authority figures. 

Not exactly a group known for humility and common sense.

For example, how can they claim to have 'consensus' and 'love science' if they accept there are 72 genders? Or bizarre spins and notions of anti-racism now spreading in academia like wild fire. Masks have taken its own perverse place at the seat as it's being taught - sans preuves - of its alleged effectiveness. 

For more on constrained and unconstrained visions read Thomas Sowell's 'Conflict of Visions'


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