Masks Were A Test. We Failed. And There's No Way Out: SAY NO TO HEALTH PASSES

They got us right where they want you. 

Now you're a slave to a health pass to just get your life back.


Notice how much evil oozes out of IBM. It comes smiling for the greater good but don't be fooled. It's sinister. 

For a stupid, shitty virus with a death rate below the flu that does not kill people under 60 and even people who are 75 and healthy beat it.

They prepped you like little sheep you are with the masks. Then once they got your little panicked asses sufficiently scared they extorted you with a vaccine.

And you thought it was going to be the end of that?

The variants and masking of children should have been enough for you but it wasn't. You're too self-absorbed in your own pathetic narcissistic fears.

You are IDIOTS who weren't paying attention. 

The end game was the pass. That's the Patriot Act to 9/11. 

Except here, all they had to do was scare you into thinking transmissibility was in of itself a danger to your life and that YOU posed a threat to the community as an 'asymptomatic' spreader.

Don't you see?

They're criminals. 

They don't care about you or your health.

They care about what you represent as means to more power and control.

Are you going to finally fucken wake up?

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