Lockdown And Mask Supporters Are Closer To Nazism Than They Realize

To those of us well heeled and nourished in the facts and realities of history, the reaction and subsequent actions undertaken during this health crisis has been appalling but not surprising.

Anyone who has kept in mind the lessons of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm, Lewis's 'It can't happen here', Huxley's 'Brave New World', and has read Hayek and Nock and several other books covering the topic, knows how human nature works.

Then comes the infamous Milgram and MK-Ultra experiments. 

Never under estimate the radical inclusion aspect of the greater good. It doesn't matter if it's Nazism or feeling threatened by, say, asymptomatic people. Both visions are predicated on a vision without evidence.

And this is dangerous. We're playing with fire at the moment. 

No matter how much we believe ourselves to be more advanced than previous eras and generations, at the end of the day we're no better or worse. Time and again, we're all too willing to drop our humanity and cease to enjoy what makes us human to submit to our fears and collective group think.

This is all so painfully obvious at the moment. A blanket infected with a virus has covered our rational senses and minds.

We have huddled into a collectivist hive of terrified naked apes without a shred of cogent coherence. 

It shocked me at not just how easy it was to convince people to wear a mask - though illegal mandates under the threats of fines played a huge role - but how persistent and long it has lasted. A lethargic inability to challenge authorities on the dubious use of masks means it leaves this population prepped for more measures and restrictions should it be commanded. We're in a death embrace with the state.

It doesn't take much to scare people.

During this sad spectacle people blindly cheered on lockdowns, masks and social distancing because it was commanded. Not because they were persuaded by science or logic. There was no science and data to speak of to back up these measures. And even now as the evidence mounts, still people refuse to pay any heed or attention to the results which have been a fiasco.

They played their part and the bad guys are ecstatic. A really bad precedent has been set here not just in terms of how government officials ignored and abused the law like petty tyrants and banditti, but in terms of how easy it is to manipulate people using the same old tired and true schemes of propaganda.

Leaders have cynically used this pandemic to consolidate power into one person. This is unacceptable and must be reversed immediately. They used a program of fear to steal superficial consent from the people. They then made sure the masks symbolized conformity and turned people into snitches. Sound familiar? 

If you have gone along for these past 12 months, congratulations. You would have turned Anne Frank in. Ok, ok. You don't like the Hitler analogy. Fine. You would turn in Kulaks to the communists. Better.

Regardless if it was a little girl or a productive farmer, it's for the greater good and your security. 

'Wear a mask, save a live'. 'Masks are liberty'. 'Be part of the army. Get vaccinated'. '15 days to flatten the curve'. 'Do your part to stop the spread'. 

All empty and useless jargon people swallowed whole because they failed to properly put in perspective the threat by, in part, contextualizing the data.

People have lost confidence in their own ability to critical think and assess the situation having been bludgeoned into thinking only 'credentialed experts' count; that their opinion is invalid and they must just follow the rules. If they don't, people would die and we'd never get out of the cycle of pandemic fear.

Media, politicians and health officials have no incentive to do that for you. YOU must do it for yourself. 

Start working those muscles atrophied over years of inactivity. I understand. You still want to watch Grey's Anatomy (is that still on?) and hockey or football.

But forget that for the time being. We're in a serious situation at the moment.

If we don't rise up and start to question and push back, we will lose hard fought liberties gained through blood, sweat and tears.

Entertainment can wait. You need to start to ask some serious questions - and those questions are VALID. Do not be bullied into thinking otherwise. Your senses and intelligence won't fail you.

Shake yourself from the shackles of Stockholm Syndrome imposed and stop snitching on your fellow humans. 


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