Trudeau Not Finding His Groove


Not getting his comments on the long-gun registry.

Why is he commenting on something that has been scrapped? We all know it was a failure that cost $2 billion. Asking where that money went may be too much for our leaders to answer.

LGR was a national embarrassment and we didn't need Trudeau to say as much after the fact. Especially since he supported it in the first place.

Obviously he's trying to pander to the Western base but I don't think a Trudeau-led Liberal party has any hope out there.

Liberals are good at railing against how the Conservatives are destroying Canadian "values." Yeah, like LGR and mandatory long-form census was part of our value system.


Canada and the United States vote against Palestine.

No surprise here.

One small issue. Been reading how Israel has violated many treaties, but no mention of the fact that Palestine defied the Oslo accords. Naturally, Israel takes the position it's null and void and everything flows from there.

A couple of other things, it might be wise to keep Palestine out of the hands of Hamas and to somehow convince Israel to stop expanding the settlements. The UN resolution went against Israel, but that's par for the course.

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