A Seminal Battle For The Information Age

Canada and the United States along with Britain voted against the UN Telecom treaty.

And, for once, all three are 1000% correct on this one.

Essentially, once you get past the verbal caca, it denotes a clear dividing line between free nations (or those who at least strive for it) and totalitarian ones without a tradition of free speech and information.

The UN is an organization with a tyrannical bent. It's good the free nations of the West stand against Russia and China on this. It only points to those nations paranoia and willingness to suppress freedom of thought, speech and information. Russia bans a punk rock band (Pussy Riots) and we're to take those clowns seriously?

Regulating Internet information is a goal for nations with restrictive policies and for that, we must fight them.

Once upon a time, the West engaged in defining battles to protect itself from Muslim and Mongol invaders.

The analogy is appropriate here. I don't give a rat's ass Russia and China went to the UN with this to gain legitimacy. The truth is the world has more bankrupted, failed and lousy countries than good ones. So on this one, screw off.

I've been a proponent of Canada leaving the UN and joining forces with real countries dedicated to freedom and the rule of law for a long time.

The idea we should even be entertaining this crap is only a testament to how degenerate countries actually have too much of a say in the mental asylum.

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