Bottoms-Up! The Folly Of Top-Down Solutions To Problems

For the life of me (and I may have brought this up in past posts), I just don't get modernity's obsession with a top-down approach to problems that really begin at the most basic level: With us.

As I listen to this increasingly absurd "fiscal cliff" surrealism, the point becomes all the more clear. Have we become this dependent on others to run our personal economies? I wouldn't give one damn red cent to any of my politicians if I was given a free choice. I simply don't believe they hold my personal welfare at heart. Talking about the collective welfare does good up to the point 'one size fits all' works.

Beyond this, it does nothing for you and me.

An economy is a self-organizing entity so profound it defies explanation on so many levels. How arrogant have we become to think we can legislate our way to a "just" economy? It makes no sense at all using a top-down approach since the self-organizing principle begins from the bottom.

But progressives truly believe man can't be trusted to make the "right" decision and so feel control is in order. To me, this is unjustified cynicism. To them, it's rational.


This is the part where I do my Don Corleone impression where he slaps Johnny Fontaine around demanding he act like a man.

Don't get me going on education. I'm privy to enough stories to know we have a basket-case of a dysfunctional system out of its logical mind made worse by over-bearing bureaucrats who tend to use one too many communistic overtones in their conversations.

The state controlling education as tightly as we do in Canada (and I suspect it's the same in the States from what I read) is not only unhealthy, it's now basically rendered useless.

Bottom-up. I would love to see what we come up with.

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