Hating Evil

"I hate envy and greed. Our entire tax system is based primarily on envy and greed. How often do you hear some jackass complaining about how the rich don’t pay their fair share and not a word in opposition to it? Why should I care what the rich do with their money. So long as they are not hurting anyone else, let them be I say. Instead, we get a bunch of envious and greedy jackals who can’t even pay an electric bill without taxpayer support yet somehow manage to have the latest cell phones, designer clothes, and expensive booze. Not to mention the illegal drugs, which are much more expensive due to the War on Drugs than they would be normally."

I noticed this much with the striking students here in Quebec. They speak of not making ends meet in what they feel is an inefficient system to which they did not contribute and a rigged one to which they are not a part of.

Yet. All of them have expensive gadgets. Most of them strive to be wealthy. Some just want a "fair" chance whatever that means.

Anyway, read the post here at Skeptical Eye.

It links to this article in the WaPo and the killing of American civilians by the U.S. government.

Gun control for private citizens but not the state!

Of course, the jackal-hounds in the media aren't squawking about it because a man of "peace" is doing the killing and not one George W. Booooooooosh!


Was talking to my aunt the other night. She has owned her own school (to which the Quebec government is dying to shut down - it's private. Can't have that, you know. But that's for another time.) for over 25 years.

We got to talking about how many frivolous courses there are in University now. I think I linked to the one about Bob Marley.

Then the people who take these useless courses wonder why they're unemployed.

Anyway, she was telling me that - and I don't know if this is accurate - many times what happens is many professors can't find work so they propose a course to a school as a means to create jobs.

If true, the fall of our education system is not that hard to grasp then.

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