Now THIS Is A Storm!

More like a blizzard.

We're getting pasted here in Quebec with an obscene amount of snow. The drive to work this morning was greeted with a thick, white blanket before me. It was that treacherous.

I spent the entire morning shovelling at the daycare. But there was so much snow that by the time I finished one end, the other was filled with snow again.

Damn you, climate!

/shakes fist at the sky.

Cars belonging to my staff was buried in snow, and so, like a good guy I shovelled around four cars to ensure they would not get stuck.

Why am I shovelling the pragmatic among you may ask? Didn't I hire a snow removal company?

Yes, I did. But the city is overwhelmed with snow. There's just no way they were going to get to me in a reasonable amount of time. By the time they arrive, my workers would not be able to get out and go home.

I gathered up everyone's keys, removed the snow on their cars and began making paths to the street - which itself hadn't been cleaned of snow.

One girl's van was getting stuck too easily so I decided to send her home in the interest of safety. "Go. Go! Sarah Conor!"

As a matter of fact, another question you may be asking yourself is why we would open the daycare in the first place. Well, you don't know how bad things are until you're mired in it. 20 kids still showed up but we informed parents we'd be closing at 3pm instead of 6pm. But most of the kids had been picked up at the time of this post - we're down to two now.

It's just too dangerous.

When I started shovelling the snow was light. La, la, la I'm shovelling. However, as time went on, the snow began to get heavier and heavier. By noon, it was at my knees. It was menacing and not so friendly as we hear in all those christmas songs.

Drenched and tired I went home. Waaaayyyyy too many cars on the road. Why old people seem to be on the streets more than any other age group in snowstorms I'll never know but there they were, driving 10 km/h. I have a 4x4 needless to say I could go a little faster.

Now I sit. Blogging. With time to annoy you all with still more posts.

Lucky youz.

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  1. How does that song go" "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

    I haven't had to deal with snow in a long, long time. Oddly, I don't miss it.


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