Pro-Anti Gun Hysterics Continue

Saw David Gregory interview Wayne Lapierre of the NRA on Meet the Press.

Now Gregory is under investigation for displaying a high capacity ammunition magazine on television without police permission.

If found guilty, it can lead to a two-year sentence.


Westchester County, NY publishes the names of gun owners.

Notice the threads at the LA Times.

Regardless of whether this leads to less or more crime, I think it's a cheat trick by the paper.


The NRA is pointing at mental health as the main culprit. As if mental health is a monolithic condition. They're basically painting a narrative whereby people with mental health issues can "snap" at any time. Mental health entails manythings and the vast majority of people afflicted with it are not violent. To insinuate they are is to merely create an atmosphere of social disorder.

Both sides are playing with emotions and that can only mean one thing: Bad legislation.

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  1. In a sense, I'd have to agree with the NRA on "blaming" (not really the right word) mental illness in the sense that no one in their right mind would commit the atrocities at issue. Sanity is, of course, a relative term. It is relative to the culture in which one lives. But any of us, even without a history of mental illness, can snap at any moment. The military might give you a medal or two if you snap and the enemy is the only people killed. The rest of society? Not likely.


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