It's Brutal Out There

Anywhere between 50cm and 105cm have hit the North of Montreal - which is where I live.

That's, like, um, a lotta snow.

It's a white Christmas alright. Perhaps a little to white...

My fricken neighbor has taken to a bad habit of shovelling late at night. Exhausted, I was falling asleep around 11:20 pm when the sound of a shovel grating against cement woke me. I was infuriated. What the hell was he doing all night? And was it that pressing a need to do it at that time? For 15 minutes I had to wait and listen to him pound the ice, shovel and hurl - the snow was a mixture of rain and snow so when it hits the ground it sounds like cement splattering while making a thundering sound.

Two nights in a row this happens.

I'm surprised because he's an excellent neighbor. I guess he's just not thinking.

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