Piers Morgan Is An Insufferable Pompous Ass

Watching him interview people is painful.

Telling his guest Crockett Keller - a gun expert - "You are aware sir that..." annoyed the crap out of me.

CNN is pro gun-control. We get it. Move on and have the grace to let other voices in without mugging them for cripes sake. Or else don't interview them. If I were Keller, I'd be tempted to punch the guy in the nose.

I really honestly don't see what is so wrong with what Keller said. Keller was clear in explaining that it may be a good idea where people are properly trained. Morgan seems incapable of accepting the notion that private citizens can protect themselves! It's fucking nuts to insist people lay around exposed to criminals who mean harm.

Trust me. If I'm a parent and a teacher went titty-bang-bang on someone's ass and it saved my kid, I'm making that teacher an honorary member of my family.

Yes, arming teachers, nurses and the clergy sounds a little "out there" but mostly in the context of the progressive la-la mindset. To those of us outside that little box, sober reality is considered.

His line of questioning was absurd. Like the one where he wondered what would happen "if" a teacher was armed and a kid - inevitably of course - got their hands on the gun. While this may be something to consider, it shouldn't detract from Keller's position which is a valid one.

Keller was right at the heart of things and I could tell he was growing irritated and keeping his composure as that hack increased his smug line of questioning: You ain't gonna stop psychos from shooting up places so may as well at least tip some of the odds in your favor.

They're good at pointing out what could happen in things they don't like but seem unwilling - even oblivious - to ever considering the negative fall-out of their own positions.

My wife is a teacher. She agrees it's a strong suggestion since children are around but she wasn't against it since she completely understood Keller. Everything deserves consideration. And she thought Morgan was rude too.

So there.

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