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This may surprise some of you but I do think security is a mandate given by the people to the government. In the aftermath of Connecticut, one can reasonably make the case to simply ban assault rifles. No one is asking to disarm the people or abolish the 2nd amendment. They just want to take out the weapons that seem offensive in a civilized society.

I get that some people believe the state can at any time turn on its people - history makes a good case for that - but if protecting oneself is at the heart of the issue, one can easily be well protected with guns acceptable to society at large.

Dipshits getting access to these guns should be severely restricted and if a gun store is found to not have performed a proper background check or done its due diligence, then perhaps they need to be accountable as well. Enforce the law.

Parents who know in their hearts their children need help should be honest and deal with the matter. Don't let it fester. Don't be in denial. There's help. It may be hard to get, but you have to find it. There's too much at stake.

Be parents. Be leaders. Athletes are superfluous role models. You and your family are the true role models.

This is a case where I think Americans can easily balance liberty and collective pragmatism for the good of society. I admire America. It's disheartening to see it lose its eminence in this way. It must do what's right. A strong and healthy America only helps to keep the world turning in a better direction.

The nation is still inherently good. It just needs some fine tuning.

While we're at it, if cigarettes have been assaulted by the government, then so too can violent video games. Specifically, the advertising of those games. Someone brought up a point that during NFL games all he sees are those dumbass video games. He has to change the channel every time since he doesn't want his kids to see it. And boy are they violent. I've played some of them.

Even the arts - music and movies - have to perform an introspective and honest assessment of their crafts.

I'm not calling for censorship of any kind. Banning things and censorship only leads to black markets and really don't solve anything. Like Obama, we have to appeal to our better senses. Vague and vast a notion I know but the stakes have been increased to unacceptable levels.

Too much blood is on the hands of the people.


Rediscover God. That's another angle we can benefit from. The attack on religion has gone too much to the other side too. When there's no fear of God there's no fear.

The concept of God-fearing kept people in line. When you become too secular you may become too rational and when you're too rational emotional impulses are dried up. You can intellectualize anything. Even brutal murders. Ask the communists.

Alright. All of the above is a mere mental general assertion but mybe we should think about things a little harder.

I meet and talk with people who are still disturbed by what happened. This lingering effect shouldn't go to waste. Capitalize on it and don't let the lives of so many innocent people waste away. Make them true angels on a path to a just and merciful society.

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