Tales From The Quebec Language Crypt

As the faux-populist aristocrat Paul-eeen Marois sells her $6 million dollar chateau, heard on the radio the Nazi outfit Office de la Langue Francaise was on its insecure harassment run in defense of the French language. All they're missing is a cape.

Apparently, the OLF has a problem with Ben and Jerry's 'Chunk Monkey.' So  much so, the jerkoff from the OLF voiced his displeasure by shouting while waiting in line.

It's a form of abuse and bullying of course but not in the wacky, world of Quebec language madness.

Again. From my perspective, whenever they do things like this they A) demean the French language and B) humiliate Quebec culture. In the end, they look like the fools.

Not a delicious ice-cream flavor. The ice-cream has little to do with language security.

Alas, it's about "dignity" as Ma Tante Marois says.

And the Liberal party of Quebec is complicit in this bad, sad, immature behavior. After all, they hired more OLF inspectors.

Buffoons all around, all year round.

Anyway. Couldn't find any news link to this story. In any event, it does happen. How do I know? My brother's friend used to be a manager at Ben and Jerry's back in the 1990s and he had to deal with these clowns. Par for the course.

What I do find is a Facebook link to Amnesty International and a Human Rights organization about this topic.

Congrats Quebec.

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