Tebow In Montreal?

It's been rumored and circulating that Tim Tebow could possibly be heading to the CFL. The Montreal Alouettes own his CFL rights and if I'm not mistaken GM Jim Popp alluded to this possibility.

For the Als it makes sense to the extent they're going to have to start looking for a QB to replace the 40 year-old Anthony Calvillo. Without a QB, you basically lose. So inserting Tebow in there makes some sense.

Alas, I just don't see it.

I'm probably wrong of course.

But it doesn't make too much sense for Tebow. Not because the CFL is not a viable league or hasn't been kind to American players - think Moon, Theisman and Flutie - it's just that one has to wonder if he'd be leaving too much back home.

For starters there's the money aspect. Here he'd probably make, what, 250-300k tops? He can make that with one endorsement deal in the United States. His worth is much more than what the CFL can offer. In other words, he may just be too big for the league. I think one NFL team is worth more than the entire CFL.

Which is remarkable given he's not even a starting QB in the NFL. Not even the woeful New York Jets want to hand the ball to him; I'm scratching my head over that given what he did in Denver last season. So far he has been in for eight series. Not enough to really assess the guy.

Tebow's biggest problem is he can't throw. And this is the second problem with him in the CFL. The CFL is a pass-first - or at least a passing - league. You ain't going nowhere if you think you're gonna just run. You have to throw. We have bigger balls up here, you know.

Money and passing. Two legit reasons why he may not come.

But boy would it be a marketing boon for the league if he would.


  1. The primary difference between Tebow and the three you mentioned is that Tebow is already famous. And, as you mentioned, he can make as much or more from endorsements... based on his fame as a CFL team would be likely to pay him. So it doesn't make sense for him to go to Canada.

    How about Sanchez instead? :)

  2. Sanchez could make some sense. Interesting. If you can scramble and throw, all the better. Like Ponder.

    While we're at it, the Eagles should go get Alex Smith.


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