Bill 14 Voted: For Shame

I'm really disgusted.

One of the most outrageous, backward and prejudicial Bills to come our way in a long time was actually voted in favor by the National Assembly. I can't believe we have that many idiots governing us.

I called my local MNA. I was that infuriated. I wanted to know  where the Liberals stood on the affair. I spoke to one of his attaches. She invited me to come and sit with my representative but I declined choosing instead to voice my utter displeasure and embarrassment.

She was kind, intelligent and shared my views. Remarkably, she intimated that even among politicians they have to watch speaking in English the situation is so toxic.

It's incredible.

I told of her of our plans to send our child elsewhere for it's not an environment we want her to be in. We will eventually divest of our holdings and move. Putting up with this asinine situation is something we're not willing to par take in anymore.

It's got nothing to do with Quebec. It has everything to do with the fact that among us we have tyrannical clowns who believe punitive actions against fellow citizens is a way to protecting their culture. When I see the type of people in the PQ pimping Quebec culture, I wonder if it's even worth preserving.

Again, I will say, Quebec is the American south circa 1955. I defy anyone to tell me otherwise.

Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing in Bill 14 can be justified on any grounds. It's a plain vindictive attack on a minority. Plain and simple.

Yes. I do feel we should fight back and disobey the law.

As for the CAQ, they showed their true colours. Had they taken their thumbs out of their asses and done the proper thing, this foolish and travesty of a Bill would have been thrown out. Instead, half of them voted with the PQ.

Safe to say Francois Legault can kiss my vote good-bye - and something else too.

Know what else?

I'm speaking English everywhere I go. If someone has a problem with it, they will hear it back. Just like the Natives. They pushed too far this time. It's one thing to mock the PQ in private with our friends on vacation in the USA and even on this blog and quite another to put this on the table.

No more egg shells.

Let the yolk splatter on their collective faces.

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