Fraternite, Egalite..Dignity?

When I watch Pauline Marois - who I do not recognize as my leader. Call it civil disobedience - I don't see an honorable leader. What I see I could not understand for a while and then - snap! - it hit me.

Madame Defarge from Dickens A Tale of Two Cities.

I'm quite certain that among the literate who are of like-mind, would agree.

One can picture her knitting and rocking in her chair as she creates her next pattern of English destruction.

Marois's yarn is a symbol of her intolerance towards citizens who do her and her "people" no harm. Nor is it remotely wished for harm to wreak havoc upon the majority.

Alas, possibly consumed by perceived past injustices coupled with obsessed insecurity bordering on punitive paranoia, they plot to further eliminate basic rights and common decency. Toxic ideas are the product of polluted pride.

Cut that yarn, Madame Defarge.

Fate is a bitch.

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