Years ago, a friend (who now works for foreign affairs) asked me (at a Montreal Supra soccer game of all places - the days before the Impact) where I stood on abortion. He's a true progressive conservative in that on social issues he was for gay marriage and abortion. When I pondered and began considering both sides, he said, "No. Either you're for it or against it. It's black and white."

I've struggled with that ever since. I just don't see how it is.



Harper is really hated by the left but it's ok. Though I'm no fan of bail-outs. Harper is taking unpopular measures to balance the budget and is doing a good job. Canada's fiscal standing with bond agencies is outstanding. His method of "cutting 10% across the board" needed to be done. Even my friend aforementioned worried for his job.

The next government will take the credit of course.

Similar to Mulroney's conservatives back in the early1990s. Remember how unpopular NAFTA and the GST were? Well, they formed the bedrock for the economic stability and success of the Liberals who merely rode the wave.


  1. I offended a close friend by my position on abortion. I don't know why, I have no power to influence legislation and, as I explained to him, I would not if I did.

    It's a subject I now avoid at all costs.

  2. That's too bad. Same here. If pro-abortion regins so be it. If not, so be it too. I don't see how anyone is "right" on this issue.


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