The Pop President; Fools Will Part You From Your Money; Costas Lostas

It's hilarious because as a former investor and a guy who kinda knows his way around numbers, I just don't see how folks like Sharpton, Maddow and O'Donnell (aside from not being tax specialists, economists or real business people) can offer anything of profound value.

Think of it. There whole shtick is to bend over for the President and big government as a means to a successful economy. I doubt Rush Limbaugh will be getting a call. Of course not, he doesn't play ball.

If I have money down there and I see this, I'm clinging on to my wallet even more.

Why not consult a mental patient for psychiatric evaluation while we're at it?

I feel bad for America that they have a Pop culture President.


It's ok. It's not like Maxine Waters would come close to a post relating to finance...


Boy, there are some winners in the Democrat ranks these days.

You can't guarantee anything in life; never mind oil.

Someone I know sets the price of gas for a living.

Crazy process.

Notice the people laughing.


I listened to Costas debate O'Reilly debate gun control today. See interview here.

When asked by O' Reilly "if a guy came into a theater armed and armoured up, would you rather hide defenseless or would you prefer to be armed and have a chance?" Costas remarkably chose the former.

What human being would do that? His premise leading to that answer was dubious if not flawed (there would be more carnage if everyone was armed) but O'Reilly ingeniously cornered him into making that statement.

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