Cards On The Table And Are Mass Killings On The Rise?

The President said in his speech the other night (and it was political) that "we had to stop this" referring to all the killing.

Ain't gonna happen. These massacres will continue unfortunately and the gun control lobby simply don't have facts to back them up.

Right now, we're hearing a whole lotta platitudes like "meaningful action" and 'we've go to try!" The last one especially makes me nervous because it suggests let's just ram through any law to fight against crazies who gain access to guns.

Lanza had access to guns lawfully obtained by his mother, keep in mind.

And just how strict are gun laws in Connecticut?

Since Americans plan to take a tougher stance (do I smell a War on Sicko Killers coming?), on murder, then why not abortion at this point? After all, 3200 babies, it can be argued from one side, are killed each day. I doubt all because of rape.

What about drone strikes ordered by the President himself that kill kids abroad?

How is this any different?

Let's put the cards on the table and stop with the bull shit.

The truth is these guys fight things they can't possibly win with a stroke of a magic pen. The truth is leaders have no clue what to do.

I have a suggestion. Let's reexamine family values. Let's start there because it feels as though parents are abdicating their responsbilities a bit too much. We're a sad, uncouth bunch when it comes to the institution of the family in North America.

We're long on how to live through the pen of leglislation and short on living through the values of family.

I digress.


Stats, stats and stats. Murder rates have come off in the USA - ironically. It's just that we're seeing a bunch of these traumatic attacks in clusters. This can confuse the reality I reckon.

I stole this comment:

"The liberals who are still troubled by the War on Terror but are voicing support for gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy are going to have to explain to me why the government can't restrict our civil liberties when 19 hijacker kill 3,000 people yet it can restrict our liberties when a one gunman kill 26 people. It seems to me that they just don't accept the right to bear arms as a means of self-defense to be civil liberty."


Are killings on the rise?

"There is no pattern, there is no increase," says criminologist James Allen Fox of Boston's Northeastern University, who has been studying the subject since the 1980s, spurred by a rash of mass shootings in post offices.

The random mass shootings that get the most media attention are the rarest, Fox says. Most people who die of bullet wounds knew the identity of their killer....

Grant Duwe, a criminologist with the Minnesota Department of Corrections who has written a history of mass murders in America, said that while mass shootings rose between the 1960s and the 1990s, they actually dropped in the 2000s. And mass killings actually reached their peak in 1929, according to his data. He estimates that there were 32 in the 1980s, 42 in the 1990s and 26 in the first decade of the century."

Statistics and history demolish the incredibly ignorant, foolish, childish and emotional comment "if there was gun control Belcher and Newtown wouldn't have happened."

Alas, people are addicted to bull shit. Bunch of Maude Flanders.

"...That said: While there's a lot to object to in the media coverage of the last few days -- the inaccuracies reported on the day of the massacre, the exploitative intrusions on grieving people's privacy -- this feeling that the crime took place in our backyard isn't a bad thing in itself. It represents empathy, and when the press amplifies our empathy, it's doing good. But it's also important for the press to give people a context for that empathy, lest those natural feelings for the victims and the people who loved them turn into an irrational fear that the next victims will be our own children or ourselves. Look at the ways so many schools locked down after Columbine: the increase in inflexiblezero-tolerance policies the speed-up in the school-to-prison pipeline. Those changes made a lot of studentsless secure, not more. And they were driven by contextless, free-floating fear. Empathy sí, paranoia no..."

This statement is so rational it has to be ignored....leaders need to show people they're doing something.

After all, "we have to try" no matter the cost.


For every call to gun control, there's an equally valid one against it. Liberals don't want to hear it but it's true.

Take this story for example.

Don't mess with the Joooos!

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