Tribute To Rush

Sometimes, as we've seen with the Hockey Hall of Fame, if you do your time and stick around long enough, you get a nomination and perhaps even get inducted without really have dominated the sport.

The same can may be argued for some who inhabit the Rock' n Roll Hall of Fame.

Who knows?

What I do know is Rush thoroughly deserves induction.

Shit, I can't believe this band with one of the biggest fan base in the world isn't in. I believe they rank in the top five among most records ever sold. Rush is one of the most technically and lyrically unique bands in the annals of rock history.

If the fans have any say, and they do as they get to vote online at the RRHOF, looks like Rush will finally get the nod. There are some outstanding names on the list: Albert King, Deep Purple, Randy Newman and Joan Jett and the Black Hearts to name a few.

Like many people, I came to respect Rush when I saw them live - twice. Couldn't believe the amount of power and sound three guys can exude and execute. It was breathtaking.

Growing up when we were dating, we'd often kid don't pull out Rush on a date because women don't exactly connect to the music. Rush is a guy's guy band. They were a band you'd listen to when you were gathered up in your buddy's basement watching hockey in the dead of winter passing a joint around That 70s Show style.

True, if I were to compile my favorite bands and albums, I don't know if Rush would make my list but that doesn't mean I don't listen often enough to the music. My friend is a die-hard Rush fanatic and goes every chance he gets to see them in concert. They have a dedicated support base.

In the larger context of Canadian music, Rush is a trailblazing trio emerging in a time when the Canadian music landscape was in its infancy. What I find impressive about Canada is what they lack in invasive numbers, they made up in quality in the 50s and 60s: The Diamonds, Paul Anka, Andy Kim, the Guess Who, Joni Mitchell, The Band, Leonard Cohen, etc. and of course Neil fucking Young.

Rush fits nicely in that group. They didn't need no Cancon bull shit. They had something people wanted. They composed and invented a sound that music listeners connected to and for that they became an international sensation.

Enough of my pointless banter.

Let Rush do the talking.

Let's close with the lyrics to Closer to the Heart:

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