Aftermath Pontification

I came across Piers Morgan - the guy who took over from whathisname - the guy with the suspenders on that talk show; Larry King  - on the internet emotionally lashing out making a passionate plea for gun control. I also saw Tom Fuentes - I believe a former FBI worker - make a remarkable assertion. Basically, he said NOW is the time to make a decision about gun control. The logic being in a couple of months from now people will forget and nothing will get done.

I don't know.

All I know is it's never bright to let passion get in the way of making a rational decision.

As for Morgan. It's so sad to watch the left go off almost immediately on this with gun control. Rather than take a lousy minute to simply think of the tragedy and its impact on the lives of people, they tweet and comment about a debate that really isn't a solution. Gun control presupposes it has an answer, but it isn't.

It's illogical to remove arms from people. Which, thankfully is not being suggested. Nor is anyone really talking about curbing or removing the 2nd amendment.

Sure, by all means, make it stricter to get a firearm, but don't be surprised if it hardly does much. Connecticut had some of the strictest gun laws in America from what I read, yet, it still happened. Michigan also has tight gun control and it's home to one of the most violent cities on the continent in Detroit.

Rather, it makes much more sense to reinforce security in schools. Focus on that.

A more appropriate response would have been to steer clear of the politics and appeals to emotion. There will be plenty of time to debate.

Also saw someone blame video games. Blaming pop culture is nothing new. I remember vividly back in the 1980s when heavy metal bands like Judas Priest were being blamed for an "epidemic" of suicides. Again, I don't know to what degree video games are desensitizing kids making them numb to evil actions they may inflict on their fellow human beings. I do know the best weapon is proper parenting.

Call me a simpleton but I do believe it's all part of our over reliance on the state to regulate our lives.

If gun control is said to be the problem (which I don't think is a means to an end at all) then it follows more inanimate objects like video guns need to be subjected to stricter laws. Why stop there? Ban rappers and violent movies altogether. 

Alas. I'm no expert. However, the question is less about what legislation we can bring in (Switzerland has more guns per capita in the world, Canada has more rifles per capita etc.) and more when are parents gonna seize control of what their kids are doing?


I like the new tact the media is using: Less focus on the alleged killer.

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