Assault Rifles Rationally Explained

Semi-automatic and fully automatic assault rifles explained.

The truth is the media manipulates your emotions. David Gregory, for example, on Meet the Press, was using emotional techniques passing off as journalism. Moreover, he was using his credentials as a journalist to present the case of gun control as rational and factual.

It's not.

Do your own research and you will find they lie through their teeths.

Some buy it, some want to buy it (because they simply want gun control) and others (like me) sit and ask, "what the fuck are these people talking about? They mix things up and prey on ignorance."

This video does a fantastic, lucid job of setting the facts straight about rifles.

Thank God for the internet.

And thanks to Skeptical Eye for this.

Finally, thanks to this officer for making it.


Pistols are the Devil's Right Hand...

"Got myself a Colt 45, called a peacemaker but I never knew why"

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