Toxic PQ Spew More Ideas That Only Hurt Quebec - Canadians Should Take A STAND

“Our dignity is at stake,” PQ leader Pauline Marois said during the election campaign as she promised steps that would “finally guarantee that Quebecers are able to live in French.”

How I feel about the PQ and its ilk is no secret and has been discussed more than I care to here. I simply hold no respect for them. Marois irrationally and incoherently yaps about 'dignity.' She ain't got none.

They're just ideologically driven and culturally toxic for all free-minded citizens. It's all counter-productive and seen as mean-spirited especially in light of the fact that statistics don't even support the PQ about the fragility of the French language. Now it's just over kill.

The key now is to appeal to moderate Quebecers. To make them understand what is going on. It's not "whining" this is serious encroachment of civil liberties at stake here. It affects them in ways they may not think. Loss business, needless toxic relations among citizens, bad reputation on the continent.

Therein lies the irony, of course. They speak of "dignity" but they alone demean their own language by insisting on coercive action and punitive measures against people. Let's reverse this a second. Canada can now ask, what kind of "dignity" is this and do we want this?

Indeed, what civilized society would copy Quebec? Fair question.

The worst kind of evil is the one that claims to be good.


This is all about  Bill 101 nonsense  so typical of a degenerate PQ party. A friend of mine, who is French, was telling me he's not convinced Rene Levesque would have gone this far.

It's sad. I feel bad for my country today.



As for the laws cracking down on businesses with 10-50 employees.

In my business, I have to put up with a different layer of bureaucracy equipped with its own inherent illogical codes and rules.

I have a permit for 64 kids. This essentially means (and I'm adjusting my own numbers to make a point), I need 8 workers plus cleaner, Chef, director, and myself putting us past 10 workers thus making us a target of the Blue Shirts and their rulers.

What I'm a going to do? I don't have to have 64 kids. I'll just work it so that I have less kids so as to cap my staff at nine. Yes, it means less money for me but it's a rational choice I make. The idea of being interrogated enrages me.

This from a province that has made it a habit of bashing Americans. NOTHING in America takes place like we have in Quebec.

I'd rather make less money than come anywhere near the assholes that will come and treat me like a second class citizen.

I won't even get into their muddled, impractical, incoherent position on 'where two people speak two language 'in the street' French prevails' idiocy. I'll let you figure out how utterly ridiculous that it. And immature.


More unintended consequences. I'm just illustratrating what non-Francophones are thinking. Believe me, we do.

My family wants to build a second family home. The choice is in the beautiful Laurentians or Vermont. I'm pushing for Vermont knowing full well I have to pay taxes and is a more complicated process. Again, the trade-off is this: Quebec gets less of my money.

Once I divest, the money comes out of Quebec and into Ontario.

Above all, PEACE of mind.

Really, I wish it didn't come to this. I've got nothing against Quebec. I have huge problems, intellectually and philosophically, with the PQ.

Enough already.


Watch. The Internet is next. Or they'll muse about it.

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