Theories And Newtown

We've been hearing a lot of theories to help explain about Newtown.

Some are loopy, some are specious, some are emotional, some are rational, some are valid and acceptable.

In Canada, all I read is "it's about gun control" so you probably won't get much out of here by way of thoughtful explanations.

One person spoke of  "de-institutionalization" that occurred - on a bipartisan level - in the United States back in the 1970s. Basically, you can't put people in the nut house against their will anymore. A civil liberties issue I reckon.

And if you know the person you love is suffering from severe mental illness, the process is, from what I hear, extremely arduous.

Then there's the over medicating aspect of this. More and more people are just given "anti-depressants" even in cases where it's not necessary. Mind-altering drugs chemically change your brain and not always for the better.

Add some violent video games to the mix with access to guns and the picture almost paints itself doesn't it?

Information is surfacing that the killer had all of these conditions going and was reacting to his mother's plans to have him committed. He lashed out against the people close to her - the psychologist and Principal were close friends. She(apparently she was a Suvivalist) did volunteer work the school. He, in turn, after learning of her plans to get him institutionalized, perceived she loved them more than him and this may explain why he murdered them.

This is the story so far.

Anyway, seems to me figuring out how to deal with mental illness is the way to go. Gun control is secondary to this monumental task.

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