Leprosy Of Unreality

Where there's a linguistic impasse between French and English, French will prevail.

C'est normale!

But what about tourists who don't speak any French? What of the Americans? Those pigs. And all those little Japanese girls and their tight private school uniforms giggling and communicating in Japenglish? Will someone think of the children?

Oh, dear me! Should we mark them for linguistic games?

C'est normale!

This is the degree to which they wish to control the lives of people. They live in a bubble long, long gone. The power of their populist poppycock expressions lacks any real profound currency.

In their speeches they sound more like evangelical, chest thumping from the bible-belt religious carpet-baggers begging for people to listen to the pending apocalypse.

Ah, les mots justes.

Yes. Dickens.

Leprosy of unreality.

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