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AutoZone fires employee for taking action against criminal.

Thanks, man! But you're fired! You can't bring a gun in here.

A couple of things.

One, just a bad signal to send to would be good samaritans and criminals. Just bad. The social cues fall heavily in favor of the criminals.

Two, it got me thinking, as these stories usually do, about is what I would do if an intruder entered my house. I own a side-by-side rifle. It would be morally depraved - to say nothing of cowardly - if I didn't take action to protect MY family.

Most of us would agree. Well, to the sane among us. Whenever I hear a person protecting their property shooting a would-be criminal, I do say to myself "good." I say good because we've been emasculated to the point of meek behavior. The cops can't get to you in "virtual" time. It's not humanely possible.

Alas, we don't live in normal times. We live in a time when the courts expect us to measure and calculate what "reasonable force" is in a matter of seconds with our lives potentially at stake. We live in a period of our existence in the West where criminals who invade homes can take the victim to court for excessive force - and win.

I don't give a shit anymore if this is a result of "left-wing progressive" ideas. I just know in my gut it's wrong and it worries me.

Can a man not protect his own castle anymore?


Back to the "if there was gun control Belcher and Perkins would be alive today" logic for a second.

There are many rational and statistical examples that refute this (see post below for a mere example). I was reading that places like Virginia and Washington have some of the strictest  gun laws in the country, yet gun violence in the D.C. is legendary.

I heard someone say on the radio "I don't know if there was gun control they'd be alive, but I do know if she was armed, she had a chance."

Crooks are crooks. The mentally ill are the mentally ill. There's malaise in human nature and behavior. Don't try and tell me gun control helps to solve this. You can't weaken the rights for people to protect yourselves based on the actions of the few. It's plain illogical.

I feel for the families of victims of gun violence who set their lives to making things better for the rest of us with attempts to restrict access to guns. Sure, up to a point, make it hard for people to get them. Just don't try to use it as a solution because it ain't. That's where we lose the plot.

As usual, I could be wrong or misguided but I don't know...

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