Keep Fighting The Good Fight Loyola

I'm stunned at the level of infrigement on our private rights our courts and government trample upon.

When Mme. Courchesne (who did a bang up job running education during her rampage) rammed through the bull shit Religion and Ethics course down the throats of private institutions like Loyola (a Jesuit Catholic school), it was a serious attack on the parents who FREELY chose to send their kids there.

They did so because they want Catholic instruction.

No one forces anybody else to go there.

It's reasonable to allow for such institutions to operate. Yet, the irony is, the government is essentially denying the religious rights found in our Charter.

I can understand in public schools the state sticking its pathetic, incoherent, fat thumb. Let them wreck that side of the equation. But they shouldn't have the right to enter the private realm. How is this "democratic?"

On the private side, we at least get some options, if not to keep us sane.

At this point, why not just nationalize education across the board?

Why stress people who PAY for their education like this?

After all, Charest acted like a totalitarian (which is fast becoming a natural character trait among Quebec politicians) when he refused to accept the sensible verdict from a Superior Court Judge when decided to appeal it. Now the appeal, unfortunately, has gone the government's way.

Why do they impose their will on parents who opt to not go the public route?

About the ethics itself. It's utterly ironic that the government is teaching ethics. I think they're in dire need of an ethics class given their outrageous and sometimes criminal behavior.

Go take care of you own back yard and leave citizens alone. They're the last class of people I want to be lectured from.

It is no wonder I hold our political masters with low regard. It's actions like this that anger me.


My friend, who is Jewish, is an education philosopher. When he heard about the ethics course and read it he was astounded that the government would extend this to PRIVATE schools forcing them to comply.

When the Superior Court Judge rendered his verdict, it would have been a nice gesture from the government had they backed off.

Secular society is not a means to an end. We do have guaranteed religious rights. Catholic schools do no harm to anyone.

And if the free market is willing to fill such schools. So be it. Interfering in the sanctity of free human behaviour is UNETHICAL.

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