Time For Ottawa To Take A Stand

As long as Quebec is part of Canada (and I truly shiver at the thought of a "free" Quebec), it must behave in a manner conducive to the Canadian legacy for their actions do leave a mark on our reputation. In this case, a black one. It'll drive the nationalists mad but guess what? They don't own Quebec and they sure as hell don't own the right to tell me what language I can speak and where.

Consistently targeting us is no longer acceptable. It's time for Canadians to look closely at Quebec and exert pressure on the province to once and for all conduct itself in a proper and fair manner. Just like the South was pressured into the Civil Rights Act, it's time to drag Quebec into the 21st century on matters of language. Marginalize the extremists.

Quebec was left to its own devices for fear of losing it. I ask, are we really losing much if this is the type of values it displays?

I would ask this if any province behaved in this manner. I hear a lot about what goes on in other provinces about Quebec. Perhaps it's true but the fact remains: NONE of those provinces have institutionalized or made law parochial ideas. Even if they did, two wrongs don't make a right.

This is NOT the Canadian way.

Time to get Federal. I don't expect the NDP to bac us but I do hope the Liberals and Conservatives can find some common ground on this front. What's right is right.

It's time to call Quebec out.

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