You're Right But...We're Still Going To Limit Your Rights

In Quebec, remember, the state will always win over the individual - all in the name of protecting culture. In this province, it begins and ends with language and culture.

Bill 104 was struck down by the Supreme Court. That was the good news. The bad news? They're giving the government one year to, erm, modify the language applied (read: to trump the Charter) to shut down a loophole parents found in an effort to send their kids to English private school.


Supreme Court: You naughty Quebec. If you're going to curb civil liberties, can you do it in a more wink, wink way so that we don't have to rule on this stuff? We're busy here. Work with us!

Quebec government: Yes, SC. We promise it won't happen again!


Quote from the CBC:

Premier Jean Charest said he hopes to work with opposition parties on a legislative response that will underscore the "primacy of the French language" as a "key value" in Quebec society.

Well, that doesn't come as a surprise to me. Charest has no balls. So much for "will of the people." Imagine that. French-Canadian parents don't have a right to send their kids to English school here.

While this is a partial victory, it's a shame for the parents nonetheless. They have to stand by and watch the government formulate a draconian response to quash their rights while they look on helplessly.

I just wished Quebec was mature enough to just say, "Hey, it's all cool. We're cool."

Progress in Quebec? I argue not. Bad vibes all round.

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