The Man Who Inspired All Scooby Doo Villains

John C. Calhoun


  1. You want me to talk about John C. Calhoun? Well there it is.... But you won't like it!

  2. What I won't like is irrelevant. As long as I learn.

    Always a fun read, my dear Vig.

    "I just don't like what he has singled-handedly done to my country in terms of inflicting lasting damage to its military forces, constitutional procedures, economic wealth, and international esteem and prestige. I have detailed his offensive, incompetent and vile policies elsewhere in these pages."

    Vig, you know as well as I do, constitutional indiscretions have taken place since soon after the republic was born. Bush is FAR from alone on this and Obama is not any better.

    As for the military, again, Bush is not alone. And I don't buy into the international prestige crap either. And you're talking to a cultured guy who speaks (and tries to write) three languages and visits Europe often and is married into a half-Lebanese mileu.

    I wouldn't over rate what what the kids on the other side of the pond think.

    As for competence...we'll see about Obama. And I can guarantee you something; this blog will not accept "it's Bush's mess" line of logic. That's for losers.

    No one asked him to run President.

    About Calhoun, so we're clear, I was referring to his aesthetics as they pertain to how cartoons draw their villains.

  3. And as a Dodgers fan, you shouldn't tolerate losers.


  4. That's exactly how I remember every Scooby Doo villain, and I watched a lot of episodes in my cartoon viewing days (well, I guess I've never really stopped watching cartoons).


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