Is Breast Cancer An Epidemic?

The other day I was listening to a skeptic discuss global warming on the radio. She ended up getting her share of calls from listeners attacking her. Maybe it was a bad day for the "pro global warming" side, but they weren't well prepared and were letting their emotions drive their arguments.

One gal just blasted her way through shouting all sorts of statistics with no rhyme or reason and finally closed with a non-sequitor about the "breast cancer epidemic." I have no clue what cancer has to do with global warming but I suppose she was trying to illustrate how evil the guest was.

But it did get me thinking about breast cancer. It certainly feels as though it's ubiquitous. I personally know of two women who have been afflicted with it. The awareness campaign, for its part, is well-organized and extremely effective.

However do statistics match the perception?

Not really. See for yourself. Here at the CDC. Notice it's the seventh leading causes of death for women in the United States and second cause of death among cancers behind lung/bronchus.

In Canada, the numbers can be viewed here and here.

A serious illness for sure and one that deserves to be combated but is it an epidemic?

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