Blog Erotique

I'm not responsible for anything that happens to those who peruse the erosblog.

Close the door, will ya?

Given my disturbed (internal) impulses, I was surprised to find out, after a couple thousand fricken posts, I never ever never posted anything about eroticism - at least that's what the tags tell me.

Sneak peak at what thy shall see at eros. I have no clue what's going down here. I keep looking for the Twister map but it eludes me. That was some choreographer.


  1. Finally, a real reason to read The Commentator!

    Given my disturbed impulses

    Your disturbed impulses? I'm just glad no one can read my mind.

  2. Should I shift content to sex then?

    If I would print even just 5% of the stupidity that comes out of my mouth on this blog...Moreover, I can't even put into words the images in my head sometimes...I wish I knew how to draw!

  3. And I thought such sites were mainly for old fogeys like me. Tsk! Tsk!

  4. Ah ah you guys, you make me laugh. I don't what it is that I like about you Canadians. Btw, I recently met 2 couples from a small village on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, just in front of Newfoundland. Really nice people.

    Paul, such sites seem to be for everybody, no matter the age.

  5. Oopps

    I don't what = I don't know what

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