A Bad Idea From The Canadian Government; Why Americans Loathe Congress

So. Prime Minister Harper wants to introduce legislation allowing for the police to administer random breathalyzer tests.

Nice. Anyone want to bet only the law-abiding will have to put up with the inconvenience in this bull shit exercise? It seems to me there are better ways to crack down on drunk driving. Start with stiffer sentences. And if someone is caught and charged with a DUI revoke the bum's license after the FIRST time; not the fricken 19th the time. Expand drunk-traps. Hang around bars and check out who comes out. How about that?

Harper is infringing on civil liberties. But what else is new in North America?

Look, I know we have to do something but really, does anyone - of any race or ideological background - think this is a good idea?

Quite frankly, this spooks me.

If this goes through, no vote for the Conservatives from me. I'm going libertarian. Both the Libs and Cons are beginning to really piss me off. And if you think the Liberals wouldn't entertain such an idea, you're mistaken. I trust.

Come up with better IDEAS!


Voila one reason why Americans have no faith in Congress. From Politico.com.

Wow. I shoulda gone into politics. Such work hour perks. And the benefits!

Instead, I decided to become a dancer - and a bad one at that. Two ACL repaired knees don't make you all that agile.

President Obama: Ok, so I want to...

Congressman: Whoa, slow down there big guy. Dontcha know it's Monday?

Obama: Yeah, so?

Congressman: Entenmann's time! Lemon or marble cake?

Congresswoman: Ooo, lemon. You know what we need?

Both Congresspeople simultaneously: MURKY'S COFFEE!

Obama: Well...

Congressman: I'm buying!

Congresswoman: Yeah, stop being such a square. It's not like the people will say anything.

Obama: I guess you're right. I'm all about compromise. Lessssgo!

Congressman: Great!

Congresswoman: It'll give us a chance to discuss the Rhino flu!

They all break out in laughter.

Hi Ho Hi Ho , Its Off To Work We Go!!
We did dig dig dig dig dig dig dig
In our Mine the whole day through
To dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig
Its what we like to do
It aint no trick
To get tricks click
If ya dig dig dig
With a shovel or a stick

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