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I'm not going to jump on Obama for his IOC-capade. There are plenty of people who will do that - gleefully. Yeah, I know he's been criticized for going given the state of the Union (but hey, no matter. He inherited the mess so he's free to galavant around the globe) but let's be serious; all leaders try to push the Olympics. It's one of the best ways to scam people.

High five!

Quick. Run to a late talk show! Damage and image control! Go on Letterman and watch ratings soar!

He went. He speeched. He lost. Buh-bye.

Michelle, for her part, is not a particularly effective speaker. I have no clue what the connection is between her father having MS and the Olympics.

Who will they blame now? It has to be Bush's fault somehow, right? Racism? Conservative talk-radio personalities? The French? E.T.? Who?

In the end, it was a minor political gamble and it backfired. If it were me, given how his administration isn't exactly burning rubber, I would have lay low. But I'm so un-dynamic that way.


It was embarrassing. Chicago didn't even get into the next round of voting. In fact, it managed the lowest number of votes!

So much for the Michelle-Oprah effect. Maybe they should have brought Oprah's stage set?


The best way to sell health reform? Do as you say: Politicians should jump on it.

Not as we do.


Oh, Whoopi, Whoopi, Whoopi. Awful. Terrible.

Whoopi is just trying to be "smart" smart.

It wasn't "rape" rape?

Of course.

Prosecutor: Do you know why you're here, Ms. Goldberg?

Whoopi: No.

Prosecutor: Let me refresh your confused mind. Murder.

Whoopi: What's a murder?

Prosecutor: Don't be coy.

Whoopi: It wasn't "murder" murder.

Prosecutor: Excuse me?

Whoopi: Nor did I really have "sex" sex with that person.

Cue tune from The Redd Foxx Show.

It's bizarre how something as stark as rape can still be debated. No fear. Hollywood directors have mobilized and drawn up a petition (see link below) to offer moral clarity. Hmpf. Nice bunch of people. I know what I'll be teaching my DAUGHTER in the future when it comes to the people who signed this piece of crap.

Polanski, from the top, DRUGGED, RAPED AND SODOMIZED a 13 year old.

The excuses I'm hearing go from the specious to the lame to outright immoral insanity.

Here's the link discussing the priceless petition. Martin Scorsese is on the list. Tsk, tsk, tsk.


Interesting debate on Michael Moore Watch. It revolves around the douchetard's hypocrisy for making a film against capitalism yet earning millions off its back.

Free-market doesn't mean capitalism by the way. And greed is not exclusive to the capitalist system.

Then comes this story. The Empire State Building went yellow and red to celebrate China''s 60th anniversary. How progressive of New Yorkers!

That sound you heard was the collective gasp of all decent people and dissidents fighting for democracy around the world. It must feel like a plunging dagger into the hearts of prisoners.

The irony of course, is not too far away stands the Statue of Liberty.

Even though praising and defending crooks, thieves, murderers, rapists and other criminals is nothing new in society (just pick up Charles Mackay's book on 'Popular delusions and the madness of crowds.' He does a great job of exposing how stupid people are), it's so ghastly in its morality, it feels like humanity is in a free fall.

Everyone has an opinion on the matter - of course - and here's one:

The US has some nerve criticizing China for human rights violations...ask Native Americans who were slaughtered for the US to become what it is today. Regardless, the history of China is not pretty either, but at least it was their own country, and they have evolved from some really brutal, feudal lordship rule that regarded women as property. Even though their Communist rule and the dictatorships they have had are not to American taste, it is still better than what they have had in the past and WORKS FOR THEM--they have a population that is up in the billions and they need some kind of social control. They don't have the problems we face with gangs and drugs and crime--maybe we should be looking at how they make it work instead posturing with ignorant rhetoric. I like the Empire State Building and think the Chinese should be honored for how far they have come, regardless of what they have chosen for a government. (Plus, we owe them money.)

I love it when people play the history game and fall flat on their faces. It was not "their" country. I have no idea what was implied, but China's growth and expansion was conquered - as is the case with many bloody countries. I wish people could stop with the lame analogies rooted in circular logic.

Liberal-inspired gibberish apologist bull shit is all I will say about the rest of it.
Social control? So. Democracy is incapable of operating a large population? Ask India what they think about this.

Social control. Lay off the Peter Singer crap, will ya?


With hopeless apologists defending the indefensible and bizarre quasi mea-culpa's a-la David Letterman (didn't he call Sarah Palin "slutty?") it's easy to conclude morality has sunk to a new low.

Which reminds me of this Roman dude:

[...]If you want to be someone today, dare acts that could earn you prison or island exile.[...]

[..]Who could sleep easy these days. Avaricious daughters-in-law and brides are seduced for cash, schoolboys are adulterers. Though talent be wanting, yet indignation will drive me to verse such as I - or any scribbler - can manage.

[...]Today every vice has reached its ruinous zenith.

Juvenal, Satire I

And Hollywood knows this human reality all too well...ka-ching!


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