40 Democrats Line Up Against Funding For Abortion

Wait a sec. I thought the Democrats said there was going to be no funding for abortion. They went nuts and medieval on everyone's ass when critics dared bring this up.

So why are 40 Dems looking to block health care reform because of funding to abortion?

I know supporters (and fans) of the President want to believe in their hearts it's all because of Rush Limbaugh health care reform is in trouble.

The truth is that the Democrats have proposed a convoluted idea and have done a terrible job of selling it to the people. They have but themselves to blame.


  1. As far as I'm concerned there are no dems or reps in Congress, only fat ass politicians watching their behind for fear of losing their jobs in 2010. A party line just does not exist south of the 45th. And everybody does what his CPAC says and f... the constituants' best interests.

  2. Maybe. But the point is they said there wasn't going to be one and when people who actually read the "bill" called them out on it, the White House played a game claiming they were all racist right-wing nuts.

    Yet, it looks like it was there all along.

    Americans are, God love them, I must say...crazy!


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