Black Jacques Chirac Faces The Music

I never thought I'd see the day where Chrica would actually stand trial. But here it is...

What music will he face?

From the Independent:

"Jacques Chirac's spell as Mayor of Paris was a very good time to be sleeping with, married to, or simply well connected with somebody on an inside track with his Rassemblement pour la République (Gaullist) party. During the period from 1982 and 1996 nearly 700 people benefited from the largesse of the City Hall.
Among those who ended up on the municipal payroll were a mountaineer, a professional cyclist, a fencing star and the daughters, wives and nieces of several leading French politicians. The city funded these positions through an elaborate web of illicit kickbacks worth millions of euros from developers, building contractors and other big businesses." 

Hm. Sounds like Montreal. 


  1. Never liked the guy since he expressed support for Quebec sovereignty.

  2. That's par for the course for French leaders save for Sarkozy. Of course, his support of Canada was seen as meddling whereas it's perfectly alright for Chirac to say what he said. Douches.

    Anyway, Chirac's alleged corruption allegations are wicked.


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