Dalai Lama Liked Dubya

Here's something not reported - at least that I can recall - in the media here in North America: the Dalai Lama agreed with the policies of President George W. Bush and went as far as to say he loved him. I wonder if things were different had he said that about President Obama. Interestingly, Obama has decided to not meet with him while the D-Lam is in Washington.

Interesting indeed.

I've written and argued in the past that I don't subscribe to the notion "history will judge him poorly."

The truth is we don't know how history will judge his presidency just yet. To conclude he was the "worst president ever" is a gamble at this time.


  1. Judging any leaders on a very short notice is always a gamble. However as much as I disliked Bush, I agree that many, many years will pass before a real assessment of his tenure can be made...if ever.

  2. It HAS to. It's the only way to weed out the emotional aspect of it.

    For example, liberals examining conservatism - of which it's happening quite regularly now to the point I will post about it - can't seem to make a clear judgment without resorting constantly to Reagan and Thatcher as if conservatism is defined by them only. They had an impact but it's far more complex than this.

    No. Until the day comes when you read about a President's tenure, like you do, say, Abraham Lincoln or James Polk or James Buchanan or other leaders who had to make unpopular decisions, without a personal connection is the day you have a chance at some objective thinking.

    It doesn't mean you can't apply a "right or wrong" tab but at least you can see things from the perspective of the other side.


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