Two-Tiered Rights

Get that through our thick, numbskulled minds, can we already?

When people advocate for smoke-free environments, like the folks here at ANR, we instinctively agree with the premise. After all, smoking is a foul and unhealthy activity. It leads to all sorts of diseases and cancers (well, we strongly suspect anyway) and stinks up our clothes.

But here's the rub: Millions of people smoke and last I checked, smoking was legal as were the companies that manufacture them.

Therefore, when you force your rights on one segment of the population under a defined guise, call it for what it is: Tyranny.

In the above website, see how far the provinces have come to curbing civil liberties. And if you think it will stop there, well, maybe it's time you get your head out of your ass. This thing is in full gear now. Notice the language being used. They're no longer satisfied at banning smoking off public streets like they did in Truro, N.S. It's time to enter your private spaces (because, you know, they need to do what's best for YOU!) like cars and soon enough homes - or at least public housing.

Your health is not the only thing the government is concerned about. How kind of them! They seek control through environmental policies as well. Not too long ago I posted about how some scientists claim carbon dioxide leads to global warming and now eating meat is not environmentally friendly.

Although, there can be legitimate reasons not to eat certain types of meats as this rather ghoulish article explains. 


If we don't be careful...

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