iPod In Cars; Dollar Impact On Economy

I notice a lot of people have taken to driving with ear phones - I assume to listen to their iPods.

This is not good. In fact, it's every bit as offensive as driving while talking on the phone. I guess people don't believe listening is an important part of prudent driving.


Heard on the radio a news anchorman say about the rising Canadian dollar that it was "good and bad news" as if to say sometimes it's one or the other.
A rise or decline of the dollar will always be a double edge sword bringing both good and bad news for importers and exporters. A rise in the dollar is good, simplistically stated, for importers and bad for exporters. What goes up, yin and yang (whoever they were), what God giveth...


  1. Here too people are driving with earphones, which are moreover used *everywhere* (buses, while walking etc.). I wonder if there's any connection with the general increase of autism.

  2. Interesting point about autism. We (or at lest the younger generation) do seem less engaged now.

    But all these headphones will lead to hearing loss.

  3. We (or at lest the younger generation) do seem less engaged now.

    You make me think about my recent reply to Lichanos (tomorrow I will reply to your *great* comment, thank you).

    We are becoming childish, immature, we lack control in our food and sexual habits, we only think about entertaining ourselves [and we also endanger our hearing, yes]: in short, we are getting into auto-domestication. What? Yes, we are, since these are exactly the traits of domesticated animals compared to wild ones:

    " * Des problèmes alimentaires et un manque de contrôle des mécanismes de l’appétit pouvant entraîner l’obésité.
    * Des problèmes de régulation de la sexualité et une hypersexualisation.
    * Une régression infantile des individus, les adultes se comportant comme des individus immatures (dépendance parentale et activité ludique)."

    "Selon Lorenz, l’homme civilisé, n’étant plus contraint par l’environnement sauvage, a été forgé par la sélection artificielle produite par la civilisation elle-même. Ainsi, l’espèce humaine s’est auto-domestiquée."

    [from the French wiki on Lorenz]

    Then here we are [or the new generations are]:

    "obèses hypersexualisés, immatures et passant leur temps à se divertir.”

    I think John Wayne and Reagan would agree.


    This thinks were inserted into the Mafia debate


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