Presidential Historians Rank The Presidents

Here's a neat link to C-Span's survey of the Presidents.

Guess what? George W. Bush is not the worst President ever. He's rated low but he's not the worst. I suspect, over time, he has a shot at improving that rank. Then again, I keep thinking the same thing about Buchanan, Johnson and Filmore. I have no idea how Van Buren is ranked higher. Nor do I believe Wilson should be ahead of Reagan. Or that John Quincy Adams, smart as he was, deserved to be ranked so high. He achieved so little. And to be ahead of Madison? Moreover, I do feel Kennedy is also rated way too high. Way.

But what do I know?

Lists like this will always elicit debate. Which is why it's posted here. I wonder what people who know more than I think.

The right claim Jimmy Carter was the worst president ever (with Obama set to surpass him), while the left claim Reagan is over rated and Bush was the worst ever.

Truth is both are wrong.

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