Canada In Afghanistan

Too often, we learn about the death of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. To make it all the more poignant, fallen soldiers are described, for example, as "young," or "a dedicated father of two" or "he loved hockey and was a great Calgary Flames fan."

It's tough to hear and sure to increase the demand we bring our troops home. Not a bad thought, but I can't get around the notion if we do leave, did they all die in vain?

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  1. We are in Afghanistan just to placate the US for not having gone into Irak. We have no business there. We had no business in Irak either.
    Problem is that now we have gone in we can not just hightail out. Should we do that then, yes, our boys would have died for nothing.
    However, let's face it, nobody can help the Afghans against their will. This is a civil war and unless the international community stands between the belligerants and keeps them apart, we will accomplish nothing. presently we are shoring up one side against the other.
    The irony of it all is that they all were allies of the US against Russia...remember?


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