Two Climate Blogs Worth Exploring

Great information on climate change can be found here at World Climate Report and Watts up with that.

I'm one of those people who believes we can all be "greener" and that the environment is a legitimate issue which should form an integral part of our political and cultural discourse. Man does have an impact on nature and the environment (over fishing, hunting, burning of the Amazon etc.), however, I also don't accept we're the main culprit. Just as we're part of the problem, man will be key in finding solutions - and yes, I do believe the source of all ideas will mostly come from the private sector. Government initiatives too have a role to play.

I'm not quite on board with the alarmist views of extreme environmentalists. To me, all these convoluted "cap and trade," "carbon foot prints" and "carbon taxes" schemes are rooted in a "we have to do something" mindset. I'm not so sure they're the answer.

But they will make some folks very rich.

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