Go For Victory Or Get Out

It's annoying to watch Western governments, as a whole, intellectualize war.

The United States is no exception. Both President Obama and his predecessor President Bush share, dare I say, a similar all too familiar trait among modern leaders. Political calculations prevail over victory.

Sun Tzu and Macchiavelli made many astute and important comments and observations about war. But one in particular has always stayed with me: Be ruthless.

As in go Roman. Go Spartan. Go Apache.

If you don't go in with the specific intent to win (and kill), then don't go to war.

We tend to use war as a "send a message" measure in that showing we're willing to use force is the same as going for victory. It's not.

In the case of the United States, if you're committed to a war and you're doing it half-assed, then get out with your inevitable tail between your legs.

Just saying.


  1. When the British finally got out of North America, was their tail between their legs?

  2. Not sure what you're asking. The British case is a different case and context.

    In the Mid-east, if you go there, be prepared to fight until the end because if you bail, and this is the key part, the perception OVER THERE, is you're weak. Compromise is not seen in a good light like it is here.

    Our decision to leave a place may be the result of pragmatic calculations but sometimes you have to consider how you will be perceived.

  3. Anonymous10/06/2009

    With this government ,I would bring my kid home if I could.

  4. It's tough to get a handle on Obama's plan. He's unconvincing.

    It's over looking back to Bush. Obama's time is NOW.


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