Shocking Video Of Police Brutality

Video footage of a police officer beating up a special needs student.

Serve and protect my friends...serve and protect.

I'm not one to jump on cops because I can only imagine what they see every day (some friends and family members of mine are police officers) but my mouth dropped when I saw this.

Notice the lady who walks be as if nothing is going on. Makes you wonder about the school as a whole. But I'll stop here because one video doesn't tell the the entire story. Still, even if the kid was being difficult, to be slammed against the lockers and to the ground like that by a large cop is beyond the pale and completely unacceptable.

Which begs the question, what were the circumstances to which that particular cop was working at the school? Did he have proper training? I've noticed one of the biggest problems about dealing with children with special needs is the utter lack of proper resources and training to deal with them.

What I find most disturbing is how some comments actually side with the officer saying things like "the punk kid was mouthing off and deserved what he got" and "what's so bad about it?"

Proof that mental disorders (like autism) is clearly misunderstood by the general population. People actually believe it's an excuse for bad behavor.

No. It's real.

People who think this way should stop and think what it's like for a family dealing with special needs.

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