Israel: Of Achievement And Nobel Prizes

This post caught my eye. An Israeli, Ada Yonath, won the Nobel Prize for chemistry.

Why it did is because it never ceases to amaze me how tiny, little, ever-threatened Israel continues to function and progress in a sea of madness - yeah, I know. They're the real problem propped up by the U.S.

Broken record.


When I was in the financial field, I remember analysts talking about the emergence Israeli pharmaceutical companies on U.S. (and I believe European) exchanges. It impressed me. And the irony of those pills going to save Palestinians (for whatever affliction they may or could be) didn't escape me either.

Of course, if you're anti-Israel, you don't believe that for a second.

But I don't care. There's nothing stopping the Arab Middle-East, with its immense oil wealth (and highly cultured, intelligent and educated populace) from achieving excellence. Nothing. They're their own worst enemy (mostly through corruption and extremism) at this point.

It was Israel's ninth Nobel Prize. That's more prizes than the entire Middle-East combined who chime in with three; one of which is too much of a joke to be taken seriously. Arafat won a peace prize! Two came by way of Iran - which is not an Arab country in the Mid-East.

In addition, Israel's totals surpasses Arab-Africa's six prizes won by two countries: Algeria and Egypt. I didn't include Turkey's one prize. Regardless, it doesn't change the overall point:

I ask: Who is being more progressive and productive in the region?


  1. well done dear

  2. well done dear


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