Preparing For The Battle Of Tours

Now hear me. Or rather read me. No wait. That didn't come out right. Forget it.

In the face of growing Islamic radicalization on their soil, France is preparing to reassert its identity.   They will do this through a national pride campaign

So much to consider and ponder with this!


Let me try and connect 'Curb your enthusiasm' with the recent events in France. In a recent controversial episode, Larry David (the neurotic protagonist and creator of the show) accidentally peed on a picture of Jesus Christ. Freedom of speech, humor and all that jazz, right? Of course. I certainly feel that way.

However, we're operating in a entirely different social context now. I get the distinct feeling more and more people are getting annoyed with the constant attacks on Christianity. Even moderate, non-religious people like me don't see the point or humor in this sort of stuff. I won't blast CYE for it but it because it's a comedy show and programs need to push the envelope but it does raise the legitimate question: What would have happened if he peed on the Koran? More to the point, would HBO have allowed?

Back to what's happening in France. People across the West are growing tired of the double standard. Call this a tipping point.


This is not the first time the West has had to wrestle with Islam. You will recall, because all my readers are smarter than me and already know this, during the Golden Age of Islam, Muslims (Saracens as they were known) crossed into Europe beginning in the 8th century and conquered parts of France, Spain and important trade routes in the Alps via Italy. They educated and refined Europe with their knowledge in farming, medicine and mathematics and left behind a remarkable legacy. Romans may have viewed the Germans aas barbarians but Europe was backwards compared to the Muslim world.

When Europe hit its maturation period (or puberty if you prefer) it rebelled and expelled the Moors between 732 at the Battle of Tours and 1238 in Spain - although a special arrangement allowed Muslims to remain. In 1492, Spain complete the Reconquista.

The analogy for us to extract is tempting. Not since that time has the West witnessed Islam in large numbers on its shores. Albeit with one major distinction: This is not an armed invasion but peaceful immigration. And even then, by all accounts, Muslims, Christians and Jews alike lived in relative harmony during this time.

Still and again, we have to contextualize. It may be peaceful immigration and we should remain open to immigration, however, there is a real war presently being conducted against, as fate would have it, Islamic terrorism.

We've seen native born Muslims fall prey to radicalism in the UK and more recently in the U.S. where a terror plot was thwarted in Michigan. Are these stories the work of isolated renegades to be forgotten by history? You and I can pontificate about such questions, but law enforcement has to consider security in the now. Naturally, it will usually conflict with civil liberties in this situation.

This is not an easy issue.

Here's another question: How bad did it get in France for them to take these measures? Well, bad enough to anyone has cared to follow French politics.


  1. The Saracen occupied Greece and the Balkans untill 1821.
    Call them Saracen, Moors or Turks, they were a far cry from the school burning, women enslavers and generally backward Talibans and Wahabites of today. It is astonishing to see how, under retrograde rulers bent only on preserving their authority and getting rich from silk, spices and now oil, a progressive and enlightened peopke has become what they are now.
    This has nothing to do with Islam; it is an exploitation of Islam just as the Crusades were an exploitation of Christianity to camouflage a land and power grab.

  2. You sure are right and then French know it.

    I believe they even tried to enter Poland?


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